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Outdoor Transparent Mesh LED Display

*The Mesh LED Screen is a LED screen made of light bars, called a LED screen. It is mainly applied to outdoor walls, glass curtain walls, building tops and other fields. LED grille screen breaks through the restrictions of conventional LED display screen on building and wall, making the project more flexible and more selective. *Mesh LED Display service life in 2-3 years, is lighting LED display products, generally used indoors more, because its permeability reaches 30-60%, the overall power consumption is relatively low, the use of natural ventilation heat dissipation, but relative temperature rise, strict requirements for the installation environment, the advantages of control box and installation structure integration design, The installation space is small.
HK oClear-P15 Series Outdoor Transparent Mesh LED Display HK oClear-P25 Series Outdoor Transparent Mesh LED Display PART NUMBER BREAKDOWN HKoC-P15/25 :  HK【Company 】oC【Outdoor Clear 】-P【Pixel Pitch】15【Horizontal Pixel Pitch】/15【Vertical Pixel Pitch】