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Fixed LED Display

Fixed LED display overall

Before we bring in the related LED wall product introduction, the views we need to know first, generally the large scale LED screen is meaning that plenty of LED panels will be installed as an entire LED wall for ads displaying sign, and people are able to watch the products promotion and premiere of a new movie through it and so on, that is to say, all of LED programmable display could be spotted here and there in different size, coming with different resolution, there are a wide range of application sites to be set up for business promotion itself, this way will result in good feedback, it's definitely worthwhile of an effort.
Owners are seeking for an effective way to get promoted, and we can see one of LED display board or LED sign board will be shipped out by LED manufacturers at the lowest price, so much negotiation talked about, the details to be discussed via email or phone call, issues to be found out and figured out then, all of these you will see our great effort of the revolutionary technology, craft, massive basic job, and finally we are able to create lots of stunning concepts and get the brand reflection like what we want.

Fixed LED Wall Property

*Primarily the entire LED displaying system fixed-indoor has been divided into four parts to be conducted: Indoor Fixed LED Screen, Cylinder & Curved LED Display, Outdoor Fixed Screen, Small Pixel Pitch LED Display.
*From LED lamps to the whole LED sign assembly, we concentrate on customer's needs of raw materials, LED wall design artwork, assembly, maintenance, We'll never miss a part of them, sales section staff 24/7 service support, technician's professional advice for the processing and always stand by at the customer's side for LED screen program, just remember this team is entitled the most professional LED manufacturers throughout the world.
*LED display sign or related with LED display screen in the industry has been under developing all the time with up-to-date technology and customize for each customer's buying at a reasonable price.
*Most important issue of the LED display is pixel pitch and LED lamp or bead's usage, which will reflect the image and video quality of LED displaying, the other factors like resolution, brightness, power consumption, signal handling capacity, will be guided or instructed by tech team as well.
*Due to LED display will be applied in different sites, we'll think about more particular properties of them to meet this special needs then.
*Creativity of your thinking and requirement will be made a reality of vision later, solutions to be instructed, quality to be guaranteed, processing to be under inspecting of all.

Indoor Fixed LED Screen

Indoor Fixed LED  Screen
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Cylinder & Curved LED Display

Cylinder & Curved LED Display
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Outdoor Fixed LED Screen

Outdoor Fixed LED Screen
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Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

Small Pixel Pitch LED Display
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Fixed LED Wall Configuration and Specs

In the LED display industry, we are offering quality and innovative custom products that plenty of testimonials praised by our customers, and we are still moving on to break through a new record. Below division corresponding to this serial will be described from all specifications, tech support, professional assembly instruction and so on.
We are able to solve it out for different LED wall installation in front of us, you will see that we are going to get ourselves presenting with diversity of case resolution, in other words, your selection is always standing for the best resolution of our guidance though, case workflow, at least two back-up plan listing for the incident. LED display wall is not meaning the screen is not only impact resistant, but decreasing failure and durable image or video playing are always ensured that making it real for whatever you expect.
A. After you submit your request of LED display wall or screen with us, we'll reach out to you within 1-2 hours, our sales team are deployed for noting down the excellent solution listings for you soon.
B. You will be noticed or notified by a sales representative for the program details, at the same time, the tech support guys will be invited to join the discussing of the accurate description.
C. Particular case solution will be emailed out for your referring, and you will get the sales guy standing-by for whatever related to this programmable LED display.
D. Solution planning we've prepared for you will be consisting of three types of style (economy, beloved, and luxury)for an option.
E. You will make a decision of planning pick, and feedback to artwork design team with the original drawing.
F. All basic raw materials such as LED display screen components, quantity, the other accessories were prepared well by workshop and warehouse department.
G. You are welcome to inspect our workflow at the time you are free.
H. Last step for us to do is assembly and shipping out at efficiency. Remember that LED display for advertising can't miss the procedure of test and maintenance, but our tech team has been preparing all detailed materials of instruction before you meet in one day.