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P25*25 HK oClear-P25 Series Outdoor Transparent Mesh LED Display 1500*500mm 8000cd/㎡ Brightness 1920Hz High refresh

FSKU: HKoC-P25-25
Please Select Buying Options:
*Pixel Pitch : H: 25mm V: 25mm
*LED Qty.: 1200LEDs / Panel
*Panel Size: 1500*500mm
*Panel Resolution:60*20
*Inbuild Power Supply, Working Under Line Voltage Directly
*Inbuild Receiver Card
*Die-casting Aluminum cabinet
Brightness Pixel Density Pixel Pitch Panel Size(mm) Transparency Rate Protection Rating Panel Resolution
≥8000cd/㎡ 1600dots/㎡ H: 25mm V: 25mm 1500*500 60% IP65 60*20P
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