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Outdoor SMD LED Display Module

When people go outside to enjoy their lives, they will have a glance at the display screen at a distance. Of course, it will be placed in places like the stadium, rainproof and snowproof will have to be counted for the basic design, all component inside have to be sealed up for its life circle.
Premium lamp ball to be selected for long life circle All detailed components sealed up to resist the harsh weather or environment damage Concept for outdoor performances are optimized almost from all aspects
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We can custom-make the LED display screen to request, only if you tell us your need, we will provide you a complete solution with quote. Please contact us.

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P3.9-P10 Outdoor SMD LED Display Module - E40058

LL-FSKU Pixel Pitch Module Size Module Resolution Module Pixels Scan Pixel Density Viewing Distance LED Type Brightness Price
HKM-OD-P3.9 3.91mm 250*250mm 64*64 4096dots 1/16 65410dots/㎡ >4m SMD1921 ≥5000cd/㎡ $73.54-$149.27
HKM-OD-P4 4mm 256*128mm 64*32 2048dots 1/8 62500dots/㎡ >4m SMD1921 ≥5000cd/㎡ $38.15-$82.92
HKM-OD-P4.8 4.81mm 250*250mm 52*52 2704dots 1/13 43222dots/㎡ >5m SMD1921 ≥5000cd/㎡ $54.15-$113.51
HKM-OD-P5 5mm 320*160mm 64*32 1764dots 1/8 40000dots/㎡ >5m SMD2727 ≥5000cd/㎡ $39.38-$87.2
HKM-OD-P5.9 5.95mm 250*250mm 52*52 1764dots 1/7 28727dots/㎡ >6m SMD2727 ≥5000cd/㎡ $50.77-$94.67
HKM-OD-P6 6mm 192*192mm 32*32 1024dots 1/8 27777dots/㎡ >6m SMD2727 ≥5000cd/㎡ $22.46-$48.08
HKM-OD-P6.6L 6.67mm 320*160mm 48*24 1152dots 1/6 22477dots/㎡ >6.5m SMD3535 ≥5000cd/㎡ $31.08-$61.59
HKM-OD-P8-4S 8mm 256*128mm 32*16 512dots 1/4 15625dots/㎡ >8m SMD3535 ≥5000cd/㎡ $14.77-$30.72
HKM-OD-P8-5S 8mm 320*160mm 40*20 800dots 1/5 15625dots/㎡ >8m SMD3535 ≥5000cd/㎡ $24-$50.36
HKM-OD-P10-4S 10mm 320*160mm 32*16 512dots 1/4 10000dots/㎡ >10m SMD3535 ≥5000cd/㎡ $17.23-$33.87
HKM-OD-P10L 10mm 320*160mm 32*16 512dots 1/2 10000dots/㎡ >10m SMD3535 ≥5000cd/㎡ $19.08-$39.87
HKM-OD-P2 2mm 256*128mm 128*64 8192dots 1/32 250000dots/㎡ >2m SMD1515 ≥5000cd/㎡ $0
HKM-OD-P2.5L 2.5mm 320*160mm 128*64 8192dots 1/32 160000dots/㎡ >2.5m SMD1515 ≥5000cd/㎡ $0
HKM-OD-P3 3mm 192*192mm 64*64 4096dots 1/16 111111dots/㎡ >3m SMD1921 ≥5000cd/㎡ $0
HKM-OD-P4L 4mm 320*160mm 80*40 3200dots 1/10 62500dots/㎡ >4m SMD1921 ≥5000cd/㎡ $0
HKM-OD-P5L 5mm 320*160mm 64*32 2048dots 1/8 40000dots/㎡ >5m SMD2727 ≥5000cd/㎡ $0
HKM-OD-P8L 8mm 320*160mm 40*20 800dots 1/4 15625dots/㎡ >8m SMD3535 ≥5000cd/㎡ $0