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LED Floodlights

Outdoor LED flood light fixtures are designed for outdoor use and are ideal for security and landscape lighting. These LED flood lights include complete flood fixtures with built-in LED arrays to replace halogens or incandescents. Highlighting trees, shrubs, and flower beds don't take as much light as you may expect, you can use the 10W/20W less brightness model. Larger fixtures with brighter outputs are better for illuminating entrances or entire lawns.
* Benefits from low energy consumption, lower maintenance costs, and high luminosity. * Extremely long 50,000-hour lifespan allows you to dramatically reduce re-lamping costs. * Finished beautifully in black to complete a modern and stylish edge to any exterior.
Floodlights are available in monochrome RGB colors and can be purchased according to your needs. Then divided into 10 watts, 20 watts, 30 watts, 50 watts, 100 watts by wattage. The floodlights increase in brightness as the wattage increases, and the size of the lamp body also increases. Floodlights are used in a wide range of applications.