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T8/T10/T12 LED Tube Lights

LED T8 tubes are the long-lasting, high-quality lighting alternatives to fluorescent tube lights. The ballast-bypass and ballast-compatible AC lines tubes can be used in direct-wire fixtures or to replace T8 tubes in ballasted fluorescent fixtures. Perfect for office lighting, school lighting, food hospital lighting, factory lighting, and more. Also you can get dimmable version line voltage tubes which is quite smart to compatibel with tranditional dimmer switches. The low voltage 12V/24V/36V AC/DC T8 Tubes cover need for RV bus, Train and places, direct replace to save over 50% energy. LEDs emit cool white, natural white, warm white or ultra warm white illumination without the green hue or flickering that is common in fluorescent lighting. Also, unlike fluorescent lights, this LED T8 tube turns on instantly even in cold weather,and is simple to dispose of because it contains no mercury.
* Up to 50% energy saving compared with coventional fluorescent systems * Easy installation: retrofit replacement of existing T8 lamps improving the quality of light * Save Cost of Ballast: the LED tube need no ballast, it has built-in driver which can run to power source directly * Lower maintenance costs * Retrofit solution with Long lifetime of 25.000hs * Instant on, no flicker or buzz
LED T8 tubes in different housing type provide various affordable solution. The Aluminum Base + PC construction tube do better in heat dissipation, which is a strong guarrantee in lifespan. The All plastic tube housing whish is shatter-resistant also make price down in a reasonable way. Dimmable T8 tubes gives the maximum possibility to make the ambient lighting change as need. With no required ballasts and a life expectancy 5 times as long as fluorescent tubes, the LED T8 tube reduces costly repairs, disposal fees, and the need for replacements. The ballast compatible T8 LED Tubes make it direct replacement for the fluorescent, save time and labor cost on changing the existing wiring inside the tube fixtures.

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