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Small Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Module

To get better performance in front of the audience for all types of pixel pitch, we might have to give them a great-looking upgrade, but always limited at the budget, this selection will help a lot for the final resolution, guaranteed at lowest prices, more comparison to decide which pixel pitch you will make to figure out your question, which is meeting your actual application instead of your 'thinking', you could always create your own creative, here are full lists for components for high definition display combination

Extra bright lamp ball adopted for basic high definition Mask covered over the board to resist glaring and dust-proof High grey-level & refreshed IC and High-end capacitor component To enrich the color, Smooth transmission, best viewing distance over 2m

Customize Your LED Display Screen
We can custom-make the LED display screen to request, only if you tell us your need, we will provide you a complete solution with quote. Please contact us.

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P1.25-P2 Small Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Module - E40174

LL-FSKU Pixel Pitch Module Size Module Resolution Module Pixles Scan Pixel Density Viewing Distance LED Type Brightness Price
HKM-HD-P1.25 1.25mm 200*150mm 160*120 19200dots 1/30 640000dots/㎡ >1.2m SMD1010 ≥800cd/㎡ $296.75-$560.89
HKM-HD-P1.56 1.56mm 200*150mm 128*96 12288dots 1/32 410913dots/㎡ >1.5m SMD1010 ≥800cd/㎡ $183.93-$347.06
HKM-HD-P1.66 1.667mm 200*150mm 120*90 10800dots 1/30 359856dots/㎡ >1.6m SMD1010 ≥800cd/㎡ $169.57-$331.28
HKM-HD-P1.87 1.875mm 240*120mm 128*64 8192dots 1/32 284444dots/㎡ >1.8m SMD1515 ≥800cd/㎡ $95.73-$230.14
HKM-HD-P1.90 1.904mm 160*160mm 84*84 7056dots 1/28 275845dots/㎡ >1.9m SMD1515 ≥800cd/㎡ $84.79-$206.12
HKM-HD-P1.92 1.923mm 200*150mm 104*78 8112dots 1/26 270421dots/㎡ >1.9m SMD1515 ≥800cd/㎡ $91.62-$228.98
HKM-HD-P2 2.0mm 256*128mm 128*64 8192dots 1/32 250000dots/㎡ >2m SMD1515 ≥800cd/㎡ $82.39-$196.53
HKM-HD-P1.81 1.81mm 320*160mm 176*88 15488dots 1/44 305240dots/㎡ >1.8m SMD1515 ≥800cd/㎡ $0
HKM-HD-P2L 2.0mm 320*160mm 160*80 12800dots 1/40 250000dots/㎡ >2m SMD1515 ≥800cd/㎡ $0