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LED Sign Module Lights

LED Sign Module Strings are ideal for Channel letters and graphics and sign lightboxes for storefront signage. Offer an array of different LED module colors, so you can achieve the precise display lighting you want. LED sign modules (all IP-ranked at 65 or IP67)offer a high degree of protection against contact from hands and fingers, dust, accidental contact, and water.
* Comes in 20pcs/50pcs per string and can be cut each module, flexible to fix different length need * With wire connection between every 2 module, very easy to turn * IP65/IP67 waterproof fit for all outdoor indoor signage need * Vivid colors: White, RGB, Single Red, Green, Blue, Yellow etc, fit all display colors need
Waterproof LED Sign Module String made with different LED Type, available in various colors fit all need.

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