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LED Poster

The EP Series indoor LED Poster Display is the new generatiom metal shell.With the narrow edge ,EP Series indoor LED Poster Display has a closer gapless looking ,and the 35mm ultra-thin profile allows it for easy placement. On the other hand, network or USB updates makes content changing-out simple in the EP Series and the multi-screen sync effect helps it show more content by conjioning into lager screens. Compared to the indoor LCD poster, the EP series have higher brighteness at 800 nits ,which means it can reveal picture and video more vivid and more suitable for bright occasion. The EP series indoor LED  Poster Display also support Lan Multi-screen synchronization , Wan cloud controll and synchronization.

Here we afford 2 kinds of The EP Series indoor LED Poster Display for choosing,which are the EP-S Serise, EP-L Series .you can compare their difference by the followed list and pick the kind accroading to your needs