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LED Ceiling Downlights & Spotlights

Flush mount LED Ceiling Light Fixture offers excellent lighting with quality standards, it can be used as a wall or ceiling mount. With LED arrays inside to replace the old bulbs which deliver smooth light without shadow. This LED ceiling fixture is available in different finish and shape, and various function available: continuously on, CCT adjustable, and Dimmable.

The all white fixture comes with a dome-shape could look shallow, which will blend right into all ceiling. And the chrome edged fixture can add a bit of clean sparkle to a kitchen or bathroom. Brushed nickel flush mount LED lights keep a space modern and minimal.
* With an opaque diffuser to deliver smooth lighting * Flush mount, round shaped, low profile * LED Module inside, no bulb to change * Hidden cam-latches provide easy diffuser removal for installation and maintenance * Eco friendly and energy saving