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Indoor Rental LED Display

LED Stage Rental Display Screen, it should be disassembled, built and transported frequently, so the box should be disassembled conveniently in structure design, light in weight and convenient in transportation. Usually it is made of die-cast aluminum box, which is light in structure, high in stability, easy to install and disassemble at any time. It is suitable for holding singing. Meeting and stage performance.

*At present, the mainstream small-pitch LED display screens are divided into P2.9,P3.8 and P4.8;The distance between their lamp beads (the pitch) is respectively 2.976mm, 3.91mm, 4.81mm. PART NUMBER BREAKDOWN HK【Company 】T【Tour Series】-A【A:500*500mm Cabinet  B:1000*500mm Cabinet】-S【S:Standard Cabinet  C:Curved Cabinet】-I【I:Indoor  O:Outdoor】-P2.9【Pixel Pitch】

LED indoor rental screen used widely for theater,conference hall,muti-functional hall and other non-profitable and profitable hall,for it has many advantages compared to fixed screen as following:
A.Portable and ultra thin.Die casting aluminum as the cabinet material,it is modern,also it has the the quality of good strength and rigidy,it is very thin,light,it is easy dissembale , install and carry,but not out of shape in a long time.lighmakes it spend less money and energy to opertae it.also low power consumption also can save the money.
B. Seamlessness and high deifinition: moudlars make up of display,which can be spliced seamly,thus it can show the pics and videos to the public perfectly.
C.Good heat dissipation:die-casting aluminum as the cabinet is good for heat dissipation ,good heat dissipation design make it work well and no need other fans or air condition that can decrease the noice,and the alumimum as the ideal shell to replace the plastic that not only good for heat dissipation and increase the stability of cabinet.all makes it can work well and safely indoor.
D.Flatness:the flatness of indoor rental screen is less than other led screen,for it used die casting as the cabinet material which has the quality of good softness and craft of the combintion of the modulars,those make the flatness of the screen is less than the other types of led screen.
E.Cost-saved design::the normal pitch usual is 3.91 or ,and it is cabinet design size is 500mm*500mm or 1000mm*500mm,which is easy for make up square,so it can help save the cost and improve the efficency.
F.High quality cabinet and Low maintain cost,with the quality of anti-impact,waterproof and antiuqake,makes it needs low cost for maintain and long life span.

To sum up,all the above characteristcs of indoor led screen makes it popular and used to many inductries:advertising,musuem,stage,meeting room,theater , market,wedding ceremory and square etc.