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DC 5V Non-Waterproof SK6812 Individually Addressable LED Strip Light 5050 RGBW 16.4 Feet (500cm) 30LED/Meter LED Pixel Flexible Tape White PCB

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* Features: The 5m RGB + White 4 Color in 1 led strip light come with 150 Leds and 150 SK6812 ICs, It is the upgraded version of WS2812B LED. Every 1 IC control 1 LED, every led can show its own color that can be individually control
* Works great with ready-to-go library. Example code for the Arduino UNO / Duemilanove / Diecimila, Flora / Micro / Leonardo, Trinket / Gemma, Arduino Due & Arduino Mega / ADK, FastLED library and Raspberry Pi
* Cutable: Every 1 LED can be cut off without damaging the rest strip if you want it shorten or lengthen, also can be re-connect by provided connectors. Comes with 3 pin JST-SM connectors and separated power/ground wires on both ends
Voltage IC Type LED Type Wattage PCB Width LED Density Pixel Points Cut Section PCB Background Protection Grade Unit Length
5V DC SK6812 SMD5050 9W/M 10MM 30LED/M 30Points/M 1LED/Section White Non-Waterproof 5m (16.4ft)
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