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Get Started Now Our specialist will get back to you within 1 working day! - Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights, 10 Vanity Makeup LED Light Bulbs with Dimmable Touch Sensor for Makeup Mirror

SKU: L44123667
  • Light Color:Pure White (5500K-6500K)
Individual Parameters:
Bulb Qty: 10
Wattage: 10W
Lumen: 900LM
Bean Angle: 120°
Power Supply: 12V/2A
Bulb Size: ø35*H30mm
Material: Aluminum + PC
Length of 10 Bulb: 11.15 ft/3.4 m
Color Temperature: 6000K-6500K
Hollywood style vanity lights would make you feel like a heroine!
10 bulbs could provide enough light for your daily usage.
Soft but not glaring, not stress your eyes in a long time making up.
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Comment by Product Specialist( Hollywood style vanity lights have a smart touch dimmer. Just a simple touch to turn on/off. Long press to adjust the brightness. It even could remember the brightness level you used last time! Just control the lights with only one finger! )
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Voltage Wattage Size Fixture Type
12V DC 10W 11.15 ft/3.4 m Makeup LED Light Bulbs
Hollywood Style Design: 10 Hollywood style bulb with soft the light, bright but not glaring. Would not stress your eyes when doing makeup for long. Brings you a novel experience!
Smart Touch Dimmer: Just a simple touch to turn them on/off, long press to adjust the brightness, smoothly dimming from 10-100%. The touch sensor could remember the last brightness you used. Convenient enough to handle these lights with only one finger!
Easy to Hide Wires: There is a large space between the base and the bulb, wires could easily be twined and hidden under the bulb. Won't jumble the wires or mess up the pretty looking of whole lights.
Long Enough for Your Needs: Total length is 11.15 ft(not included the length of a power supply and touch sensor), wires between each light are 11.8 inches, you could adjust the distance between two lights to fit your mirror.
High Quality: The base of each light is made of quality aluminum, won't easily be aging and deformed, not like other cheap stuff which is made of foamed plastic. The powerful 3M adhesive tapes are hard to fall off.