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SKU: L55589128
  • PCB Width:8mm
Individual Parameters:
*Working Ambient Temperature: 0-40 degree C
* Anti-Flammability: UL-94-V0
*Fit for all 8mm or 10mm Wide Single Color LED Strip
Clip-Material: Environment-Friendly Plastic Nylon 66
Rating & Certification:



Comment by Product Specialist( * The choice of the light bar connector is selected according to the board width of the light bar and the specification parameters of the light bar. * Connector is usually 8mm, 10mm, 12mm wide * There are two generations and three generations, three generations of input current can reach 6A. *Select the connector first to distinguish the model of the monochrome and RGB strips )
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Rated Voltage Material Type Rated Current Generation Wire Length Fit for PCB Width
0-48VDC Plastic Strip to Strip Unwired 6 Amp 3rd Generation N/A 8mm/10mm
*For Single Color LED Strip Connect
*Length:n/a & 15cm
*Adapter Width: 8mm &10mm for strip light
*Connector 1: 2 pin Free solder connector
*Much Tighter in Fastening