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SKU: L07136003
  • Color:Warm White (3000K-3500K)
  • Dimming:90-240V Non-Dimmable
  • Beam Angle:60°
Individual Parameters:
*Input Voltage: 100-240VAC
*Cutout Size: 2.26in(65mm)
*Warranty:24 Months
*Driver Included * Product Weight: 0.16KGS * Packing Size: 10x10x7 (cm)
Rating & Certification:



Comment by Product Specialist( * High-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps, and electrodeless lamps contain chemical pollutants such as mercury and lead. The COB downlight source does not contain chemically contaminated substances and is a green light source. *COB downlights are highly reliable, with low maintenance and repair costs, with a mean time between failures (MTBF) of up to 20,000 hours, and a mean time between failure (MTBF) of high pressure sodium and fluorescent tubes of less than 10,000 hours. * COB downlights consume less power and save energy, saving more than 40% energy compared to traditional high-pressure sodium lamps. *COB downlight can realize instant start, easy to adjust brightness, has no stroboscopic, wide starting voltage range, etc. It can realize various energy saving methods, such as intelligent adjustment of illumination according to weather and environment. )
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Dia.*H Material  Lumen Output Wattage Cutout Size CCT CRI Finish Color Certification
3.54in(90mm)*2.48in(63mm) Aluminum+PC 350-400LM 5W 2.56in(65mm) 3000K-6500K 80+ White CE RoHS FCC

Fixed and adjustable optional

Fixed:The Lamp body and the head is fixed,so it lights up the area under light directly and straightly.

Tiltable:The head of lamp can be tilted to left or right,angles within 25°

External driver is easy for install and put off.user safety.

The cooling fin is as lamp body,light and modern,conducts the heat produced by chip and ensures the light work normally.its characters including:
simple and easy installation
high brightness and hardness
strong coated adhesion
high weather resistance, high corrosion resistance,good wear resistance


Torsion Spring isEasy for install or fall off.

Color Rendering Index (CRI): CRI>80

“Full spectrum” lamps and lamps with high CRIs can promote concentration and higher productivity . Enjoy the colorful life and chose your best CRI.

Usually,the LED light with 80Ra is good enough for light up in our daily life,which can reflect the original color of object infront us,and makes our life colorful,and the higher CRI(≧90) is the best,while lower CRI(≦70) is worse and will makes the object isn't quite true to the original,that is anamorphose.

Color Temperature (CCT): 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

---Light Colour Temperature Affects Mood

Warm white:Family house,residence,dormitory,hotel  and other places with low temperature.

Nature white:Office etc.

Cool white:Office,meeting room,classroom,drawingroom,design office,reading room,showcase etc.

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