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LTWDS - Tri-Fold LED Makeup Mirror with 360° Rotation, 3x/2x Magnification, 32 LEDs, Touching Dimmer and Dual Power Supply, as for Lighted Vanity Mirror and LED Cosmetic Mirror

SKU: L12524580
  • Light Color:Pure White (5500K-6500K)
Individual Parameters:
* Has 32 powerful LEDs, produce high brightness
* 360-Degree Rotation for Better Experience
* 3X/2X Magnifications for Saving Your Time!
*Be charged by 4 AA batteries or 5V power supply
Rating & Certification:



Comment by Product Specialist( * Nice Look, ideal for makeup! )
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Voltage Fixture Type Wattage Size
5V DC Tri-Fold LED Makeup Mirro 6 Watt L19.68*W9.44(in) (not include base)
The best LED makeup mirror is now available!

Still troubled by the dim light when putting on make-up?
Here is the solution! This LED makeup mirror has 32 powerful LEDs, produce high brightness.
The milky cover makes the light become comfortable and not glaring.
With high brightness, you could see details on your face clearly, helps your to do high quality make-up.
The smooth dimming touch dimmer would reach your needs for light perfectly!

Still need to keep sore postures to finish some specific make-up?
Here is the solution! This makeup mirror has 360x180-degree free rotation.
By adjusting the angle, you could see reflect from your neck, lower jaw to your forehead and from left cheek to right cheek.
It also could adjust the height from the base, no matter your dressing table is tall or short, you can see your clearly reflect all the time.
Say goodbye to sore postures!

Still be complained by your friends just because you spend too much time on making yourself up?
Now you could make your friends shut up.
This tri-fold LED cosmetic mirror is larger than most tri-fold mirrors in markets, help you to see more details.
It has 3X/2X magnifications which would zoom in the details, help you to handle them faster.
Save your time when you are in a hurry or gonna hang out, make your friends or boy friend less waiting!

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