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LTWDS - A4 LED Light Pad, Ultra Thin Portable LED Light Tracer, Full Range Dimmable with USB Power Cable

SKU: L35583212
  • Light Color:Pure White (5500K-6500K)
Individual Parameters:
* Higher Brightness: This LED light pad has 2 light bars inside, produces higher brightness than those only have 1 light bar.
* Smooth Dimmable with Touch Sensor: The LED light tracing box could provide ANY BRIGHTNESS LEVEL in range via its touch sensor switch.
* Ultra Thin and Portable: The thickness of LED light tracing pad is only 5.5mm, could easily be packed everywhere.
* Eye protection & Scratch-Resistant panel: The LED light tracer pad possesses Flicker-Free and Eco-Friendly LEDs which would protect your eyes, less fatigue you would feel.
Rating & Certification:



Comment by Product Specialist( * Nice Design in light-weight, proper brightness * A good friend for upgrade drawing skill )
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Wattage Voltage Fixture Type Size
5 Watt 5V DC Portable LED Light Tracer L13.38*W10.23*H0.21(in)
Wattage: 5 W
Material: Acrylic(Organic glass)
Dimension: 13.38" * 10.23" * 0.21"
Active Area: 12.08" * 8.66"
Working Voltage: DC 5V
Interface: USB
Pad weight: 567g

A4 LED light pad with USB cord * 1
Clip * 2
Anti-slip sticker * 4