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P2.9 Indoor SMD LED Display Module 250*250mm SMD2121 800cd/㎡ Brightness 1920Hz Refresh Frequency

Please Select Buying Options:
*Pixel Pitch: 2.976mm
*LED Type: SMD2121
*Pixel Density: 112910dots/㎡
*Module Size: 250*250mm
*Module Resolution: 84*84
*Brightness: ≥800cd/㎡
Pixel Pitch Module Size Module Resolution Module Pixels Scan Pixel Density Viewing Distance LED Type Power Consumption(w) Brightness
2.976mm 250*250mm 84*84 7056dots 1/28 112910dots/㎡ >3m SMD2121 Max. 20W ≥800cd/㎡
Offering & Difference

What to know about application scenes:

a. At your own site, all types of the original modules are available for your choice, basically it is classified from pixel pitch.

b. The minimum unit of LED type we are applying for display module is always coming with SMD2121, counting for pixel pitch in density.

c. You have to understand well about your thinking, the concept of the module size, module resolution to service your brand presentation.

d. Remember that cinematic experience and how to maintain it at the space, in connection with brightness, scan, refresh frequency

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