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Motion Sensor LED Tube Lights

Inductive LED Tube Lights with In-built microwave motion sensor. It is an ideal lighting solution for areas such as car-parks, corridors and storage areas. Full brightness when movement detected dropping to 30% brightness or 100% off in standby mode (no movement).
* Energy Saving: more energy can be saved and more labor cost will be reduced. * Easy installation: Microwave intelligent inductive, more convenient * Basic no infrared, ultraviolet radiation * Operation response speed, no stroboscopic

Microwave Radar Sensor T8 LED Tube Lights G13 Bi-Pin - E10087

LL-FSKU Tube Length Voltage Detection Angle Detection Distance Fluorescent Equ. Retrofit Dimming Rated Wattage Price
LL-T8-AP-2FT-RS 2 Feet 85-265V AC 160° 6M-10M 25W Ballast By-pass Non-Dimmable 10W $3.47-$4.96
LL-T8-AP-3FT-RS 3 Feet 85-265V AC 160° 6M-10M 40W Ballast By-pass Non-Dimmable 15W $3.96-$5.66
LL-T8-AP-4FT-RS 4 Feet 85-265V AC 160° 6M-10M 60W Ballast By-pass Non-Dimmable 18W $4.61-$6.59
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