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LED Strip Light Kit

LED Flexible Strip Kit- Plug and Play - E30118

LL-FSKU Voltage Strip Kit Type Length Wattage Light Color PCB Background Protection Grade Price
LL-TV-5V1MRGB 5VDC TV Back Lighting 3.3ft(1m) 3W RGB Black Non-Waterproof $3.97-$6.62
LL-TV-5V2MRGB 5VDC TV Back Lighting 6.6ft(2m) 5W RGB Black Non-Waterproof $5.64-$9.4
LL-TV-5V3MRGB 5VDC TV Back Lighting 9.9ft(3m) 8W RGB Black Non-Waterproof $6.92-$11.54
LL-PG-KIT-1 AC100-240V LED Grow Light 3*1.6ft 18W Red:Blue=5:1 White IP65 $10.26-$17.09
LL-PG-KIT-2 AC100-240V LED Grow Light 3*16.96in 36W 400nm-800nm White IP65 $17.44-$29.06
LL-NIGHT-6FTYELLOW AC100-240V Bed Night Lighting 6ft(1.8m) 8W Yellow White Non-Waterproof $7.82-$13.03